March 2020 Hibernation & Isolation Creation

What a tricky start to 2020 we have had from the winds to the rain (oh the rain) to the floods and now the Corona Virus and we are only in March!!  We will stay stronger together but right now its very easy to feel isolated and alone.

I am sending some love to those of you struggling through the current crisis – especially those at the front line of the NHS and those of you who are vulnerable and exposed and feeling overwhelmed.

I am lucky enough to work alone so will be in the forge making hearts and stock items for my  Etsy Gift Shop in the hope that things will pick up soon.

I have also built a NEW WEBSITE!!!  so you can check it out and see the other work I have done!

All my courses are now postponed until further notice – I hope to have more dates available later this year.

Ridgeway Farm Art project is on the drawing board – the map side one is complete and I am hoping that residents might be able to add some drawings to side two while in isolation or off school.  The map will go to print once side two is complete then it will be distributed to every household on the development for free.

Stanford In The Vale project is currently on hold too – fingers crossed it picks up again later in the year!
Stay safe and well everyone.

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