JHQ Commission Day Eight

Today I had lovely Year 2 to work with, the last class to spend their day with me.  They started off watching the demonstration and asked really great questions and stayed fully attentive for the whole demo which I was really impressed about.  With so many questions I had gone over my allotted time!

We worked through with this class on a 1:1 ratio making wire birds from the selection of wire available.  Each child has around 30 minutes to do this , including getting their ‘little blacksmith’ uniform on of glasses,gloves and leather aprons; this is brilliant in itself mainly as the gloves and aprons are leather and dirty and smell different and the glasses are really little to fit the smallest children so everything is in the right proportion!  It took me years to find the right small glasses suitable for children!  The gloves are leather gardening gloves and I made the aprons myself so they would not be flapping around by their feet!

One of the pupils I worked with had the most amazing dexterity and patience.  Working steadily and methodically, carefully and creatively to weave her wire bird with really no assistance from me other than finishing off cut ends.  I was so impressed with this little girl, she will make an amazing weaver one day!

I also worked with a Foundation stage pupil, the youngest in school and he managed to make this lovely bird with loop-de-loop spiral wings!

When Year 2 got back to their classroom they did some literacy work and these are some of the lovely descriptive words they used:

Year six came and did some observational drawing outside today, i am looking forward to seeing those and tomorrow is the last making day so we will be able to give some of these pupils a second making session.  I will be doing a demonstration for parents and anyone at JHQ to watch at 3.20 in the playground, Ark School on Thursday 9th May.  Come along if you like!

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