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Ridgeway Farm Art Project Summer 2023 – Update

Hello everyone at Ridgeway Farm!   

I hope life at Ridgeway Farm is good and that now it has finally warmed up, you can see the swallows flying around the ponds and bats around the bat boxes!


I have been working on the entrance sign since the beginning of February this year and can share some work-in-progress photos with you as I approach completion of this big piece.  I hope you will recognise some of the component pieces from the design that was voted for by the residents in 2020.



I still have bat boxes to distribute to households that are able to install them in their gardens or on their own houses – I will bring these to site for you to collect but if you are in a hurry to have one you can collect one from me in the forge and look at the sign as I am making it.  

Please contact me to arrange this.  

These are a LIMITED EDITION of bat boxes with the brand that is unique to Ridgeway Farm!!


Community Orchard

Understandably as time has ticked along there have been changes in the residents at Ridgeway Farm while this project has worked its way to fruition.  

The planned community orchard is still on!  

The original group of residents involved has changed so I will be looking for a new committee and working party to take this aspect of the project forward next winter for planting and ongoing care.  You can find the  community orchard planning application here: 

I know there has been some confusion as to the location of the community orchard – it is still going on the land by the railway line and east of River View – when it passes through planning – if you view the foraging plan from the portal, there is a map on the last page.  If you want more information, contact me direct! 

The Community Orchard Needs YOU!

We will always be looking for volunteers to get involved with the Ridgeway Farm Community Orchard – there will be planting days in the coming winter  (planning permission dependent), watering duties and a bit of pruning as the trees mature – all in return for a harvest of yummy fruit for you to enjoy.  The orchard will also create a much needed shady area in the future for those hot summer days when you want to be outside with nature but not fry in the heat!

You can still sign up to be involved in planting and caring for your community orchard – just let me know who you are and what you can do to help – even if its baking cakes to feel the troops on the planting days – there are lots of ways to be involved!!

Location: Ridgeway Farm Residential Development, Purton, Wiltshire.

If you have new neighbours please tell them about it and share this newsletter where ever you can!

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