Ridgeway Farm Art Project Launch 13.07.2019

Thank you for your hospitality and interaction today at the Summer Fair – I enjoyed talking about the project with you and you made some lovely wings!

This is the poster about the launch of the exciting art project coming to the new Taylor Wimpey development near Purton in North Wiltshire.

I will be at the Ridgeway Farm Academy CE School ROOTS PTA Summer Fair talking about the project – come and make a pair of wings from an old map and write down what you hope to see come from the project – if you live on Ridgeway Farm or in the wider Purton community – this project is for you and your public open space.

The is the start of a community consultation period where I will be working with the local community assessing the spaces and watching how they are interacted with by both human residents and the wildlife.  I want to get to know the space and invite residents to join me in some ‘Walk n Talk’ sessions around the old farm, exploring the spaces and discovering a little more about the place as it was and how it might be in the future.

Dates for seasonal ‘Walk n Talk’ sessions are;

Sunday 11th August 2019 – Meet at 11am outside Ridgeway Farm CE Academy, The Buffer, Purton, Swindon, Wiltshire.  SN5 4GT
Sunday 27th October 2019
Sunday 19th January 2020
Sunday 17th May 2020

Its an informal way to meet up and explore the site, see if there are areas suitable for art work/trees/planting/communal seating – do some sketches, take some photos, record the site over the seasonal year.  Please contact me to sign up for any of these sessions.

School workshops are planned too and by the school summer fair 2020 there should be a design available for all to see.

I will be on site over the summer  – you are welcome to join me and make my experience of this lovely space more personal by telling me about it from your perspective.

This is a ‘Section 106’ project as part of the planning requirement.
I was first approached in 2013 to produce design ideas for spaces within the site for a planning application.  The designs were done with no community consultation as the site was a deserted farm then and it is now more appropriate to involve the community on site in the shaping of their public open spaces. These designs are shown for reference below: Copyright Melissa Cole 2013

Wheat Stook arch and Seat for Ridgeway Farm Development.  Copyright Melissa Cole 2013

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