Ridgeway Farm Art Project Colour-at-home Map part 7 of 9

Ridgeway Farm Art Project – 
Colour at Home Nature Trail Map
Page 7 of 9

As lockdown continues in some way for most of us I hope you are able to explore your creative side at home.  If you haven’t had chance to watch Grayson’s Art Club on Monday evenings Channel 4 I highly recommend it!  

It breaks down some of the barriers surrounding the word ‘art’ and allows you to think in an open and fresh way about what art means to you and how it is good for your mental health at a time like this. 

I also love how he is encompassing the crafts in this from pot making to wire birds, lampshade making etc!  It is also a great insight into how Grayson works, his studio and sense of fun and inclusion in his work.

We are getting to the last sections of the map now for you to colour at home, this is the North West corner of the development and features the large open field which is a haven for insects, butterflies, dragonflies and wild flowers and grasses.  The brambles on the railway line fence will be great places for pollinators and hiding rabbit holes!

Do you know what the difference is between the Buff Tailed or White Tailed bumblebee?  You can colour this one in here.  Do you know what type of bird this is?  I saw it while waiting for a community Walk and Talk event outside the school at Ridgeway Farm.  The next section of the map will reveal the name!
You can find hazel nuts or Cob Nuts here when we plant them as part of the community Orchard and please let me know if you would like to be involved in creating the community orchard – we need lots of help with this.

Feel free to add what you have seen in this space to the border around the drawing.

Don’t forget to post your coloured in versions and share on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with #ridgewayfarmart @melissacole001

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