GIFT SHOP Made by Melissa

Small hand forged items are forged with love and handmade to order. Please email

contact me to order these items!

Linked Hearts in copper wax finish

These lovely linked hearts look fantastic in any property and are always well received as gifts.

Linked hearts in copper finish
on a hand forged nail (medium size)

Fire-welded and shaped from steel bar, each heart is free moving but linked to the other - you can't pull them apart! They are waxed to finish and come in copper, gold, silver, antique bronze (green), new bronze (brassy gold), clear and black wax.
Fabulous Valentines, Anniversary, Birthday, Christmas or Wedding gift.

FORGED LINKED HEARTSSmall copper, medium new bronze, large antique bronze forged linked hearts.

Large Linked Heatsr Large linked hearts in gold wax finish

Small linked hearts in silver finish with a small S hooksmall linked silver hearts on S hook

These pairs of linked hearts come in three sizes;
Small: each heart is 10 cm x 8 cm approx. 38.00 incl. P+P
Medium: each heart is 13 cm x 10 cm approx. 40.00 incl. P+P

Large: each heart is 18 cm x 14 cm approx. £45.00 incl. P+P

Extra large sizes can also be commissioned - you tell me the size!

I can ship to USA and Europe - please ask for a quote!

They are best hung up indoors; outside the wax finish will breakdown over time and start to rust.

Hang them on a hand forged nail or S hook or a piece of gold thread.

Hand forged nails: 6-7cm long from 3.50 each

S Hooks

Forged S shaped hooks with scrolls on each end, finished in black wax. They are best displayed indoors; outside the wax finish will breakdown over time and start to rust.

Medium size 14 15cm long: 8.00

Bottle openers, pokers and other small items are also available, I have an Etsy Shop if you want to pay by credit card. MelissaColeGiftShop

Larger hooks and different styles are available to order.

Are you looking for an exciting Christmas, birthday or house-warming gift?


Buy a GIFT VOUCHER for the purchase of an item from my gallery or a commissioned piece!

Bronze 'Jennywrenvil Love Birds'

Bronze Love Birds

Bronze Love Birds

These little unique solid bronze 'Jennywrenvils' make lovely unusual Anniversary gift

for your 8th year!

Inspired by the little Jenny Wren living in my workshop and looking a bit like an anvil!

They are all one-off pieces approx. 3 x 4cm in size.

From £120.00 for a Tiny 'Jennywrenvil'

Email me for more information.

Notes on postal orders:
Postage costs are included in the priced items for post to a UK address only.

Small items are wrapped and sent first class post to the address given.

Please allow a minimum of 5 days from order for delivery. An estimated delivery date will be given on placing your order.

Payment can be made by BACS or by cheque; items will be posted once payment has cleared (PayPal coming soon!)

Multiple orders will need to have the postage quoted for and delivery date agreed.

Please bear in mind that these small items are lovingly hand made to order!

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